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327 Elochoman Valley rd, Cathlamet Wa. 98612  

(Also known as the Elochoman Grange Hall)

Saturday 14 May 2016 starting at 12:00 noon till 3pm-ish.   Preview will be from 12-5pm on Friday and from 10-12 on day of auction.

Cash or Good check only, bring your lawn chairs and have some fun.

Among the items for sale will be

Large sand blaster,  engine stand, pedestal grinder, 10 or 12 inch saw blades, huge drill bitstable saw, Delta radial arm saw, Band saw, large drill press, med drill press, parts washer, 2 shelves full of nuts and bolts, electric motors ( not all will be in auction), power feed for a table saw, large vice, Stilh weed trimmer, vintage metal lathe bits, metal lathe bit holders, metal working out of round gauge, grinding wheels, hard wood flooring installer, hand truck, moving dollies, warehouse shelving, enclosed metal cabinet, large bar clamps, office chair, misc. welding supplies, large torch tips, mig cables, heavy duty router table, stacks of new cardboard boxes, heavy duty metal and solid wood top table, 110 volt elec cord ends, 14-16 inch wood saw blades, boring machine hold down assemblies, box of finish nails for nail guns, 2 boxes of pulleys, cartridge powered fastner tool, large chain hoist, dovetail jig, drills and belt sander, small drillpress vise, enclosed metal storage cabinet, extra large metal storage cabinet, grinding and cutting wheels, heavy duty all metal table, heavy duty professional grinder stand, hd white warehouse storage rack, hd stationary router table, hot knives, large rods of all thread, hundreds of new large cardboard boxes, med steel and wood rolling cart, medium duty small metal tables, med size nut and bolt storage cabinet, metal table with HD wood top, metal table with laminant top, mig wire conduit, normal duty metal stands, large nuts and bolts, older 220 arc welder, pieces of plexiglass from 1/8 to 3/4 in thick, pneumatic actuators, hydrualic actuators, pry bar and med sledge, 3 sided rolling metal cart, rolls and strips of nail gun nails, router guide?, router and drill, self closing cabinet hinges, small metal tables, new hd cardboard boxes, , very sturdy rolling wooden router table, 3 pieces of sturdy wood shelving, yellow metal shelf assembly, huge clamps and a jack, misc nuts and bolts, vintage piano, wood trim, tall metal shelf,   Card table with the sponsors of the Elochoman Grange printed on it, plastic and metal 50 gal barrels, extra heavy duty metal tool stands, lots of batt and chargers for power tools,  1x4x4? rough lumber, too much to list but a few pictures of the overall sale. picture 1     Picture 2


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